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Feminist Feedback for Klay Thompson

Dear Klay Thompson,

In the post-game interview after game 4 of the NBA finals, Klay Thompson made a remark that may have had harmless intentions, but which had powerful implications. When asked about how his hamstring injury affected his game, Klay’s response was: “you just got to go out there, man up, and play to the best of your ability.” I have been reassured by a few NBA superfans that Klay Thompson is not a misogynist, nor do they believe he meant anything hurtful by this comment. However, when you are in a position of power and have a platform that enables your words to be heard by thousands, if not millions of people, then you have a responsibility to use words that are not causing harm.
What I personally think was meant by this comment “man up” is actually more like “toughen up” or "show some resilience". Being a man does not equate to being tough, nor does being anything other than a man default you to being weak. I am sure many people didn’t even bat an eye at this c…

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