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Word of the Day Babbling

I strolled into the office this morning feeling more unmotivated than usual. It could have been the dreaded traffic I had to endure on the way here. It could have something to do with the changing of the seasons - my body's reaction to this grey, rainy weather after a summer of consistent sunshine and temperatures in the high 20's. Whatever the cause, I was not eager to open my inbox and to start tackling today's to-do list.

After sitting down on my balance ball chair, I take an exaggerated deep breath before booting up my computer. While I wait, I rip September 12th's page off of my Word of the Day calendar to reveal which linguistic treasure September 13, 2018 would offer.
adjective: Relating to the sea. My mind wanders to some of my favourite memories of the sea. Dipping my toes into the frigid waters of the Atlantic ocean in Blackhead, Newfoundland while on a trip with my lovely mother and auntie. Jumping into the waters of the Howe Sounds d…

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