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Reflections on a Halloween party gone wrong.

The other night I mustered up the courage to confront somebody, very respectfully, who somehow thought it was acceptable to joke about sexual assault, indicating that he was “being raped”; a reference to his performance during a game of beer pong.
Gently, I introduce myself and mention that a few minutes earlier I had overheard his comment that left me disheartened and extremely uncomfortable. I left out the part that I was completely disturbed by the unbelievable ignorance of some members of the human race.
In a defensive manner, this person tried to justify his actions by saying, “It’s okay, I’m Australian - we’re thick skinned” as if that grants him social license to make light of trauma faced by an unsettling portion of the female population. Better yet, as I patiently respond to that weak claim, this individual had such little respect, and enough audacity, to Snapchat a photo of himself with a hang-loose sign while I invest my emotional labour into his personal enli…

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