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New Years Eve

          Party Hats
             Noise Makers

... not this year.

On December 31st, 2018, Chris and I boarded the 9:55am sailing of the Salish Eagle from Tsawwassen to the Gulf Islands. Our reservation was for Otter Bay, Pender Island, but the recent windstorms left the Tiny House we were planning to stay at without power and with a shattered window. A last minute Airbnb search later, and we were now on our way to Sturdies Bay, Galiano. It didn't make much difference to us - neither of us had been to either island. Admittedly, some slight disappointment arose from not getting to stay at the tiny house...

We spent the sunny sailing in awe of the snow-covered mountains off in the distance. We also took a moment to study a map and get our bearings of the scarcely populated island we would soon be disembarking onto.

First stop was to get the legs moving at Bluffs Park. It was just a short jaunt up the hill and we were treated to the sight pictured …

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