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Free Wandering

Today was perfect.

Set up a home office with my desk facing out towards the abundant sunshine. It was so warm with vitamin D that I had to open the door to let the fresh almost-spring air into the room.

I got lots of work done without distractions from the office environment. Also got my laundry folded and my dishes done. And I wore absolutely anything I wanted.

When I had gotten through everything I needed to, with no plans for the rest of the day, I headed out on a walk; going nowhere in particular - just walking. This is something I love to do (and did a lot of in Halifax, where I would always stumble upon new places). I simply don't do enough of this sort of free-wandering. And it feels good to walk for the sake of walking. To be present through each breath of fresh air. To notice the little things - the birds chirping, the flowers' first blooms, the mostly litter-free lawns and sidewalks.

I treated myself to a coffee along the walk - even though I forgot my reusable mug (…

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