The Beginning

Tonight I'm in San Diego. It's a brand new city, full of exciting discoveries.

As my mom and I sat on the patio of a pub-style restaurant, we discussed the cultural differences between here and Vancouver, the two cities are quite similar yet have their own unique characteristics. We noticed the fashion is almost identical, the climate's are not that different and the people and the mannerisms are quite alike too. (It's much hotter down here, but they're both located on the west coast.) I can definitely notice the "southern accents" though. And you don't find too many palm trees in Vancouver. I don't know if we just haven't ventured into the right areas yet, but I have barely seen any homeless down here, much less than Vancouver for sure. It's a very good thing, but you'd think they'd rather be here than up north where the weather's colder. My mom thought she noticed many more smokers here than in Vancouver, but I think I disagree.

Where we ate tonight was in the area of town called Gaslamp Quarter, much like our Gas Town, with nice old restaurants and fancy little shops. You can tell we're down south though by the number of Mexican restaurants.

The very first thing I loved about this city, was that the airport is literally right in the city. As we were landing, I was hoping our plane wings weren't going to crash into the sky rises.


  1. San Francisco is a wonderful city to wander around. Go down the zig-zag road place thing! It's so fun! If you got some wheel on you (not a car) it's so much funner (making up words...)!

    Enjoy your trip!!


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