The Final Day

It's always been said that you learn from your mistakes.

This morning I learned that riding a tandem bicycle is a lot harder than you may think. After a change of plans, we ended up on single bikes, and took a nice bike ride around Coronado Island, which is directly across the inlet from San Diego. The bike path was much like the Sea Wall, and took us along the beach, along the golf course, viewing some spectacular houses, and past the Navy Base, where I learned pictures of the Navy Base are prohibited.

A beautiful ferry ride took us back Downtown where we caught a trolley to SeaWorld. We learned yesterday that you really don't need to follow the bus schedules because they really don't follow them. This morning we caught ourselves sprinting in a direction we weren't even certain of, and watching our bus pull out just as we neared. Half the fun of discovering other cultures is by riding public transit, to add to our interesting people encounters today a homeless man asked us who the President of Canada and if we were "buds" with him.

SeaWorld was outstanding! It blew my expectations, and the shows were incredible. We caught the Shamu (orca) show, the Pet Rocks show, and two seal/sea lion/otter shows. All of the shows were funny, entertaining, and the animals were mind blowing. I've never understood how a whale can be trained to do such amazing things, but did you know even a walrus can be tamed and trained? Besides all the amazing shows, the penguins were probably my favourite exhibit, penguins always look so happy, and are always having a good time. The polar bears were great to see, I've never seen a live polar bear, but they sure didn't seem as happy as the penguins. The flamingos reassured my love for the colour pink. An interesting fact I learned today; some sharks lay eggs and some give birth to live babies. SeaWorld is a must see in San Diego!

We bussed back from SeaWorld to Old Town where we looked around, went olive oil tasting, and caught some Mexican dancing. By now we're experts at public transit, so we headed off to Little Italy for some dinner. Highlight of my night: we ordered a delicious pizza but couldn't quite finish it so we took it in a box to go. We don't have a fridge in our hotel so we decided we were going to give it to a homeless person. There were none near our hotel so we wandered farther into Downtown, it took us a while but we finally found a man sleeping in a doorway, as we walked by he was coughing and he woke up, we asked him if he wanted the pizza and his face lit up. Just a simple gesture like that can make someone's day, and it made mine too!


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