It's Crunch Time?

The push and the drive are no longer present.

Well we're now into the home stretch of this school year, and as the weather is growing warmer, I can feel summer creeping around the corner. Each day I'm finding it harder and harder to stay motivated and stay focused. I know this is the time that really matters, the crunch time before exams but I just feel myself having more and more reluctance every day. My school work is no longer the top thing on my mind, and I'm not finding the time or the energy to put effort into my work.

In a perfect world, I would suck it up and be done in only a few weeks. But these weeks feel like they're never going to end. The unit tests, rap-up projects and crunching to finish a course are the stories of my life. I've just returned from a wonderful vacation, but why does it feel like I've been in school, endless-with no break for months? I'm in need of this summer break!

Does anyone know how to speed up time? And lend me a complete "Tenth Grade Study Guide"?


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