I can tell it's almost summer because here I am eating my first batch of fresh blueberries; which by the way are high on my list of favourite fruits, right next to mangoes and raspberries. Anyways, they reminded my of a time not long ago as I sit gazing out the window of a taxi in California.

Earlier that day, my mom and I were talking about how Canadians in general seem more active than the Americans, this may not be true, but was just a conclusion we made from our observations. So as I gaze out the window, I saw a nice looking field full of some sort of fruit, as we got closer the sign read "You-pick Blueberries". I hadn't even said anything yet, and our taxi driver says.

"Those you-pick fruit places are a rip off, you pay to go out and do the work when you could get them for cheaper in a store."

I just thought to myself; most people I know would enjoy a nice summers day out in the field picking berries, and it's kind of neat to pick your own fruit, it probably makes them taste better'.

There's an American stereotype proven for you- or maybe it's just the taxi drivers that think that.


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