Clean Air Day

You are probably unaware, but today is Clean Air Day!

Lately I have been discussing the human impact on the environment a lot. It started with the training weekend for my Catching the Spirit peer leadering where we learned how to go "leave no trace camping", then the other day in my science class we watched "An Inconvenient Truth", and now today in social studies we learned about the logging industry's affects on the environment.

There is no doubt that this is a growing issue, and I love the fact that we are talking about it in schools and getting people aware. But it's one thing to discuss the issue, and another to take action. Since today is Clean Air Day, I would like to challenge everyone to make one decision today that will have a healthy impact on the environment. And just because today is Clean Air Day doesn't mean it should end today either.

Some interesting facts:

-Ten seconds of idling uses more fuel that restarting your engine and produces more air pollution.

-Driving at 100 km/h burns 10 per cent more fuel than driving at 90 km/h. On the highway, use cruise control to maintain a steady speed and reduce fuel consumption.

-One busload of passengers takes 40 vehicles off the road, saving 70,000 litres of fuel, 175 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions and nine tonnes of pollutants per year.


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