A Day in the Park

The sun is shining, the air is warm and the grass is green. Today was the first day where I felt like summer has really arrived.

It as a lovely day at the park with Emily who I've missed so much! We were having a picnic, with the two of us and about 40 grade ones. I love kids, and watching them laughing and playing for hours on end without ever getting tired brings me great joy.

It was awesome to see Em again, how I love her! As we played with the kids in the park and played parachute, we caught up on the months of time it's been since we last saw each other. We even painted the kids' faces and they decided to do the same to us...

See that brilliant smile of Emily's? This is why I love her. It was so refreshing to catch up. We spent every day together during the Olympics, and then for almost 2 months; nothing. We relived Olympic memories, shared travel stories, school stories and just tidbits of our everyday life. Now we need to plan to meet with the rest of the Students Live crew before everyone heads out to see the world.

Having all the mothers at the park watching their children and socializing with the other moms reminded me how I can't wait to have children. A nice large family, with 4 kids, at least. But who knows, plans do change.


  1. Awe Lisa! I didn't realize you started this new blog! I will definitely be reading more frequently. Thanks for the shoutouts, love you too :)


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