Rain, Shine, Zombies?

I'm back from my crazy weekend just south of the boarder in Everett, Washington.

My team played some great ball; we saw some amazing pitchers, tight defense, and fabulous hitting. The scored might not have proven it, but we played quite well too. We could work on our hitting an defense, but that was what this weekend was for; to learn. A little bit of work needs to be done before we head to Provincials, but considering we were a house team playing rep, I was quite proud. And most importantly, we had fun! We even managed to convince one of the umps that in Canada we play with a mulligan rule.

We saw some sun, some rain and quite a lot of zombies. You're probably confused, I was too. When we arrived at the Holiday Inn where we were staying, we were greeted by dozens of scary looking creatures. For a moment I thought I had gone crazy and it was really October 31st, but as we got into the lobby we saw that it was just Crypticon 2010, an Annual Horror Convention. Of course we are staying in the exact hotel the exact nights this is going on, but I can't complain it did make for some entertainment. Never have I seen so many goth looking people gathered together. Apparently there were celebrities who have played scary roles in horror movies there to sign autographs. There were costume contests, evil Satan shows, dance nights, art shows, fetish fashion shows, and horror film showings.

It was by far the most interesting hotel experience I have ever had, and I can tell you one thing, I was not riding no elevator alone. There were children in the elevator screaming in terror, poor kids show up for their cousins graduation and have nightmares for life.

On a lighter note, HAPPY FATHERS DAY! I had just spent the entire weekend with my dad, but when we got home the whole family went out for dinner, minus Derek because he had to work.
Being the family favourite we were hoping to go to Antons for some good old pasta but as we drove by the line-up was down the street so we decided to try something else. Mom thought the "Poor Italian" was a good idea, we all agreed but as we drove near, it seemed to be shut down. Next we thought we'd go to the Italian Cultural Center, notice a theme here? And third time was lucky! As we were walking into the restaurant we saw a bunch of people Italian dancing, whatever that is. We had a lovely dinner of authentic Italian food, and they didn't even have pizza. Minus Derek it was a wonderful family dinner for Daddy, he deserves a dinner in his honor, more than once a year too. Love you Dad!


  1. Haha crypticon was definitely the highlight of the trip, especially when we told Louis there was a chip and Dale convention and she was so excited and then she walked into the hotel and was super confused hahaha. Fun trip, but I wish we'd gotten some pictures with zombies, especially the headless guy, that was a cool costume.



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