Sleepy in Seattle

Right out the window I can see the Space Needle, a gorgeous sight it is. I am here in Seattle, but not quite like the saying goes, I am quite sleepy actually.

Dad and I just got back from the Mariners game. The home team came out with a 1-0 win over the Cincinnati Reds. We were sitting on the right field side and got to see Ichiro make some amazing catches. He's always mt favourite batter too!

We got to see the Victoria native Michael Saunders play again. Last season we saw him playing his first ever MLB game. This year, on Mothers Day, Michael hit his very first MLB homerun!

I have been to a Mariners game every season for many years now, and I will say this was one of the better games I've seen. Good pitchers, great defense! I'd like to thank my dad for making sure we make it to at least one Mariners game every season.

What I found interesting today was as we were making our way to our seats, the Star Spangled Banner was being played; my dad told me to stop walking, he says "they`re very patriotic here", so he must have received some dirty looks for even walking while the national anthem was being played.

Now it`s off to bed because tomorrow I play ball of my own.
Goodnight Seattle.


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