Canada Day!

Well, I've been waiting for this day for quite a while, about March 21st to be exact, since the spirit we saw today left our city when the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games ended. And how amazing it was, to see everyone out in their red and white again. Sure, there may not have been quite as many bodies wandering the streets of Vancouver, but the Canadian spirit was definitely high, resembling slightly the spirit shown at the Games.

I read the other day that John Furlong has not had a single day off since the Winter Games ended. Crazy stuff! He's been busy in Sochi and London giving advice and helping the organizers to make their Games as successful as ours. And on top of that, I'm sure you know he's taken on a new job- Chair of the Own the Podium advisory board. I must say one of the things I miss the most is listening to the amazing speeches given by Johnny boy (even his French ones!) There are many jokes circulating Vancouver that people want John Furlong to run for Mayor in 2011. Or are they joking?

Just the other day, my "Official Commemorative Book of the XXI Olympic Winter Games and the X Paralympic Winter Games" came in the mail. Great timing; just in time to get my Canadian spirit up! And on the first page was a quote from my hero himself;

"The spirit and soul of all 33 million Canadians has been sewn into the fabric of these Winter Games. This journey has not been about the few but rather the many." -John Furlong

As you can imagine, Vancouver was the place to be this Canada Day. Besides the much anticipated re-lighting of the Cauldron, there were tons of big stars in town, and just tons of people out in general. There was Dal Richards, Carly Rae-Jepson, Hey Ocean!, the crew from So You Think You Can Dance, Sarah McLachlan and the much loved Canadian hero himself, Alexandre Bilodeau, to name a few.

I never did make it all the way downtown because for most of the day I was taking an emergency first aid course. I know, I know, out of every day they could have chosen it had to be this one. Eight hours seems like a long boring day, but I was pumped the whole day just because I knew that once I got out of that room, it was time to celebrate our beautiful country. So after I became certified in CPR and emergency first aid, I did go celebrate my wonderful country. I went to the waterfront to watch some fireworks. They were beautiful, like my country. There was a lot of people there to watch and a lot of O'Canada was being belted. I loved the feeling! The spirit was re-lived; that was the goal of the day. 1-0 Canada

Sitting on the beach watching the fireworks over the water reminded me that this is "The Best Place on Earth!"


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