One of my mottos for this summer has been to try new things.

The other day I was in the market on Granville Island. Gorgeous looking fresh fruit fills the isles of this place. I was really craving some juicy fresh fruit; something new perhaps. I could choose from a passion fruit, a star fruit, some rambutan or some kumquat. But then I saw my favourite looking fruit, which I've never actually tried.
A dragonfruit; grown in Vietnam. It's bright pink and green outside, and white and black polka dotted inside makes it look almost too gorgeous to eat.

When I cut it open, my first thoughts were it would taste like a kiwi, but when I bit in, it had absolutely no taste. The texture felt like a kiwi, but it literally tasted like nothing. It's still my favourite looking fruit, but I wouldn't choose it for the flavour.


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