Star- Struck

It's on during every single commercial break, so there's no way you haven't seen it, but just in case, here's the trailer for Charlie St. Cloud. Coming to theatre's July 30th.

It's not just because I love Zac Efron that I'm so excited for this movie, it's that they filmed scenes of it in my school, and they filmed scenes in my favourite place in the world: Deep Cove.

It was probably right around this time last year that myself anf just about every other teenage girl in the Cove would spend their days "Zac Hunting". I can remember sitting in my school parking lot for hours on end, along with about 300 other screaming girls, watching the movie being filmed. It's not even that I get all that star-struck, but when a star as big as Zac is in my hometown, you can't help but get excited.

Now that I look back, it's kind of funny how worked up we got over him, besides the hours on end we'd watch him film, and the late, late nights waiting for his picture and autograph, we were all just so into the whole "hunting" thing, that we'd chase after the car he was in, in hopes of getting another glance. Oh the things girls will do for a good-looking fellow- not to mention a famous one. And I'll never forget how disaponted we all were when Zac walked out of the house, Vanessa in hand.

So it is yet again another exciting time of year for our little community. I can't wait to sit in the theatre and say "I remember watching them film that scene!" I hope it won't be too hard to get a ticket to the premiere- YEAH RIGHT; I'm prepared to camp out overnight- it's not too often that Zac Efron films a movie in your school- pretty cool, I think.


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