Back in the Day.

It's been a while since I've posted.

Busy, busy visiting with as many relatives as we could while on the prairies. We saw lots of relatives and did many fun things. My Grandfather taught me to play crib, and was quite shocked that I hadn't learned before now. The junior little-league nationals were going on in Lethbridge, so we saw some great minor ball and spent a few nights in the Spitz Stadium. Memories from our childhoods, and even our parents and grandparents young days are always a hit. Gee things have changed since the Grandparents were young- they had to get up, feed their horses and check on the crops before they traveled by horse and carriage to school.

We went to visit the Odland farm, I hadn't been there in quite some time, and missed it dearly. Hay stacks, vegetable gardens, farming machinery, grain barrels, old bikes and storage houses- there's so much to do, and nobody in miles. The silence is almost unbelievable, and it's so far from civilization that it seems almost stress-free. It's not fun however running on low in the middle of the prairies, keeping our fingers crossed that we can make it to the gas barrels on the farm. Visiting the farms is a lot of fun, however I can't even imagine myself living there.

While on our way home from the great Albertan flat-lands, I never realized how many things there are to see on the drive home. We discovered quite a few of them, but decided if we ever wanted to make it home, we'd have to pick and choose.

We stopped at Vulcan for their Star Trek, Calgary at the Olympic park, Banff for lunch and a look at their cute little town and the Banff Springs Hotel. We saw Lake Louise, and a gorgeous wedding going on there. We saw Takakkaw Falls where from meters away you feel a light mist- so beautiful and refreshing. Our night was spent in a hotel in the middle of the mountains in beautiful Revelstoke, BC. Then we saw the CPR's spiral tunnels, and tried to stop at Falls Lake, but after climbing almost a mountain, we never did find the lake- neither did the van loads of tourists that also stopped in hopes of a nice lake.

Highlight of the trip home was the Olympic Park. We saw the bobsleigh training centre where Olympic gold medalists Kaillie Humphries and Heather Moyse, as well at the Jamaican bobsled team were practicing their starts. It was exciting to see, especially because we didn't even know what we were watching for.

Since I've been home I've been to Grouse Mountain, the beach, the wave pool, and a water park, all with 22 young children. I do love kids, but a whole week with them can sure drain your energy. It's amazing what you can learn from kids though; everyday I have a new Korean hand game or song in my bag of tricks.

Now I've been busy planning for the weekend with Catching the Spirit- our last one of the summer. I'm very excited for this weekend; I've been having fun planning scavenger hunts, leave no trace activities and new environmental education games. I'm going to be sad when this weekend is over!


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