Canadian Travels

Have you ever felt like you just stepped out of a time machine?

I had that feeling today when we got out of the car in Grindrod, a small farming town near Shuswap Lake, BC. It was Grindrod Days, and the majority of the towns' 1450 population was at the park for them. People were dressed up in pioneer clothing, and some brought their old wheels in for show. There was a farmers market, live music, clowns, all sorts of historic displays and even lawn mower races- which were very cool; those things can go fast!

I honestly felt like I had gone back in time to before there were computers and cell phones. The way people dressed in this town was different and the way they acted too; but they were all super friendly. I couldn't even imagine living in a town that small, but I guess it's a different lifestyle that some choose to live, and some are born into.

Next we stopped at "The Last Spike" for some more history. We did the typical 'take your picture as if you're pounding the last spike'.

Now we're in Revelstoke, a cute town of about 7 500. It's "downtown" area is a historic place with old buildings and mining and railroad museums. We had a lovely dinner and listened to live music on main street, surrounded by the beauty of mountains on all four sides.

Today was a very historic day for us. Learning about Canadian history is a lot more exciting when driving through it than reading out of a text book!


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