Rain, Rain, Movie Day

It's pouring today. And I mean pouring. You know that saying "It's raining cats and dogs"? That's never really made logical sense to me. But today, I can see where it originated from.

It's sad because I had visions for today, like going to Spanish Banks, or biking along the seawall, or even a nice hike up the grouse grind, but it looks like today's going to be a movie day. Time to catch up on those movies that I've meant to watch all summer, but never got around to.

The list:

Patch Adams
Bowling for Columbine
The Time Traveler's Wife
An Inconvenient Truth

And when I get through those, maybe I'll even read a book. Three Cups of Tea I'm reading at the moment, but then there's Alcatraz, Secret Daughter, I am Hutterite and Still Alice. I was hoping to read a stack of books this summer because as soon as school rolls around, I know I won't have time, but the plan didn't go so well either.


  1. Three Cups of Tea is amazing!
    And I really enjoyed Secret Daughter too. :) I miss you, Lisa! I'm enjoying reading all your updates on here. Congrats on the PNE thing!


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