Rekindling the Love

I'm sore and my muscles are tight, but it's all worth it for the great week I had at hockey school.

At one point in the week, one of the girls said "I told my sister last night that I've rekindled my love for hockey". I feel the same way. It's not that I ever stopped loving hockey, it's just that I hadn't been on the ice since March, and then ten ice times in five days.

Throughout all my years playing female hockey I have never once had a female coach. This week I had three. And not just any female hockey players, national team players- Olympic gold medalists. Gina Kingsbury, Colleen Sostorics and Rebecca Russell were our mentors on and off the ice. On the ice they impressed us with their extraordinary talent and critiqued us gently. Off the ice they inspired us with their stories and memories (and showed us their many, many medals and rings), and in the skills centre they helped us with our stick handling and our shots. Throughout the week, we also saw Pat Quinn, Andrew Ladd, Duncan Keith and Cam Barker. Many famous hockey players were in Penticton this week, because as they say: OHS is the best hockey school around. This week I experienced the best coaching I have ever had; it's something special to be coached by women.

Besides the ten amazing ice times, the five great skills and dry lands; a lot more came out of this week. More than fitness and more than improvement came out of this; I also made many great friends. We had girls there from Nanaimo and Prince George to Minnesota and Manitoba. Throughout the week, I met many great people and had a wonderful time getting to know each and every one of them. There were many unique personalities in the dressing room, from the quiet girl in the corner, the loud "ring leader" of the dressing room, and the random one who blurts out every now and then. I love to see a group of girls come together; not knowing anyone at the start. and by the end practically acting like family.


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