The Fast Life

Have you ever felt like your life is playing in fast forward and you're sprinting just to keep up. September is always like that for me. And now that I think about it, the entire year is probably like that, but you get used to it and tend to not notice as much.

Yesterday, I got home from school, I hung out with my friends which I don't get to see nearly enough, I went to band, I ran home, got changed and ran off to soccer. After I showered, I checked my emails. I was flooded with emails about helping out at Walk for Smiles, our (MOB)ilizers kick-off event, a volunteer appreciation night, a reminder to sign up for Outdoor School and a recruitment for volunteers at BC Rivers Day. I looked at my calendar to see how much of this I can possibly squeeze in; and then there were the replies, "Yes, I would love to help out, but I might be there slightly late as I'll be running there from another commitment. Is that alright?" After it's all done, I look at all my orange highlighted events on the calendar and wonder how I'm going to do it all.

It's funny because I really don't enjoy reading Shakespeare's work, and today my English teacher said something to us that I thought was golden:

In today's society, life flies by at a hundred miles per hour. Shakespeare wrote in a time when life was much simpler, so in order to really understand the beauty and the plot of Shakespeare's work you need to put your life on pause, and focus souly on the story.

As much as I struggle to enjoy Shakespeare, I do think that what she was saying applies to any writing. And I believe that's why I enjoy to read and write. It's one of the only opportunities I get to calm down and leave reality behind for just a short while.

This picture is the definition of slowing down for a few moments, and taking the time to relax.

Many people are complaining about these hour and twenty minute classes, and I will admit; I'm not a huge fan. There's no way a teenager can focus for 80 minutes with no break. But I can tell you that when it comes to Spring Break and we are off for 2 whole weeks, I'm sure it will all be worth it.


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