Reality Check

Well school was in full swing today, and there's already been homework thrown at us.

I think I've found my favourite course, and it's barely even started. Social Justice. In the first class we already got talking about Free the Children, Invisible Children, Rosa Parks, sweat shops, brothels, child trafficking and the Great March on Washington. We've already started sponsoring a 4 year old girl to put her through school, and we've already talked about field trips to see plays on the Holocaust and discrimination. I love the sounds of this.

Other than that, school is school. The sound of that bell, and the secretary on the PA speakers with our "morning announcements" really hit me with a wave of reality. I can't say I'm dreading this year at school, in fact I'm not at all. But 80 minute classes- those could kill me. 75 was long enough, and even with 60 minute classes kids have trouble focusing throughout the whole thing, so I can't understand what they think 80 minutes will do for us.

Anyhow, I have a feeling things are going to get busy very quickly, so don't expect frequent blog entries. Although what usually ends up happening is I will blog late into the night instead of doing homework- that proves my procrastination skills.


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