School- Summer- Friends

This may sound crazy, but I will admit I'm excited for school to start. I don't want summer to end either, but I like having a routine to my day and being busy.

I was down at the school for the first time on Thursday to show the international students around. There was 40 of them from countries like Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Norway, Korea and Hong Kong. It was really neat to see so many different cultures and so many new faces immediately bonding together. I guess when you come to a different country not knowing a soul, you better be open to anything. As we sat there complaining that school starts ten minutes earlier and goes ten minutes later than last year, the Germans were telling us that back at home they start school at 7:30 and end at 6:00, so they were not complaining about this 8:30 to 3:00. It's a really gutsy move to come to a strange country that speaks a different language, and I was expecting them to be quite timid, but that was totally wrong.

I'm cramming in all those summer activities that soon will be out of reach. Yesterday, I went to Ambleside beach with some friends. We played some volleyball, soaked up the sun, and went swimming with the whales- just a few days earlier a grey whale was spotted at Ambleside.

And some exciting news: I got a call yesterday that I was selected to be a part of the PNE Youth council. And better yet, two of my friends were too, who I didn't even know applied. Taylor Quinn who's part of my Student Leadership Council, and was a fellow "reporter" during the Games, but with a different program. And Samaah Jaffer was a Students Live reporter with me. I'm so very excited to see both of them, this summer they've both been circling the globe. Taylor to Shad Valley in New Brunswick and then Kenya with Free the Children, and Samaah was in England and Iran. Both amazing people, I'm excited to see them and hear of their amazing travels. We're having lunch with the president on Monday- president of the PNE that is. I'm looking forward to this year!


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