Run for a Cure

Did I mention that I ran in CIBC's "Run for the Cure" last weekend. It was so much fun, and such a nice day for a 5k jog. Besides from that though, the atmosphere was just amazing. Some 22 000 Participants were there, creating a sense of hope and power. It felt like such a tight-knit community but it was a bunch of strangers. When people come together for one common cause, it's like a wave of spirit hits everyone. Everyone had huge smiles on their faces and were cheering each other on as they ran. It gave me shivers when I saw one lady walk up to a stranger in a Survivors shirt saying "You inspire me- I am running for you." To see people with such warm hearts rally for a cause and raise $3.6 million in a single day brings me great hope that anything is possible. People do care, and we can change the world!

More exciting news- I got the "Congratulations!" email today, about CBC's News Day in BC! I made the final 30, so I will now be paired up with a mentor and will have my story on the news on November 18th.


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