CBC Newsday in BC

This is coming to you a little delayed, but November 18th was Newsday in BC!

The 30 finalists from across the Lower Mainland filled the Atrium at CBC, as we celebrated the hard work we had put into our stories. For many of us, it was the first time working with professional journalists and mentors to help build our stories. Although this was the 3rd Annual Newsday in BC, this year was the biggest one yet. More students came to audition than ever, and this year CBC partnered with the Vancouver Sun to showcase print work as well.

I know that many of us have learned a ton about the media industry, and have a better sense of how things work. We've learned how to come up with a good story idea, how to conduct an interview and edit clips. The biggest lesson that was learned is that the story idea you start with will not necessarily be how it turns out. You have to be ready for sudden sharp turns in your path, and persevere through the obstacles.

Personally, my original story idea fell through when the plastic water bottle banning campaign I was going to follow, fell through. Others were stuck in a dilemma when the people they hoped to interview refused to speak with them. Or for some poor people, they were told just minutes before going on air, that their story was cut, because there wasn't enough time. Luckily they changed their mind, because that would have been tragic. We really got to live the life of a journalist for a short period of time, it can be hectic, stressful and crazy, but it's so rewarding when you see the final product published in the newspaper, on the radio, online or on TV.

The whole experience sure has given me a better understanding of what a career in journalism or broadcasting might look like, and I do like what I see. It's a job where you're constantly learning, and soaking in information. Although it was a lot of work for a 3 minute story, it was well worth every second I put into it!

Here is my story: http://www.cbc.ca/bc/newsday/student-reporters/transgendered.html


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