It's been a long time since I've posted. There's been a lot going on.

The Espresso Press is up and running in full swing. Check it out: http://espress.ca/

Today, I stared helping with a project: the MPS Celebrity Charity Gala to raise money for MPS research. As of now, there is hardly any research being done. Since MPS II is considered a "rare" disease (only 20 kids in BC are affected by it), the government doesn't allocate any money towards research, and therefore fundraising is crucial to finding a cure. I'm very excited to be helping with this project. If you have any contacts for celebrities, sponsorships or auction items; give me a shout!

Hockey's regular season has just ended and we are now heading into playoffs. We ended the season off with a win, which brings me hope for playoffs.

The other day at school we started course selection for next year. I can not even believe that this day would ever come where I'm thinking about what I want to take in grade 12- and even beyond. I can still remember thinking grade 7 grad would never come. Time flies.

I got my N the other day! Which is really convenient for my parents, not having to run me all over the map anymore.

New York is coming up very shortly: 12 days I believe! I can hardly wait to cruise around the Statue of Liberty, witness Wicked on Broadway and perform in the famous Carnegie Hall. It shall be a trip to remember.

Also coming up is the big "One Year Later". February 12th marks one year since the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Games. Canada is ready to re-live that excitement and recreate that atmosphere. I am so ready- I've had to go through an entire year of withdraws. And StudentsLive is having a reunion too! Us 24 student reporters will get together to reminisce. How amazing will it feel to sport that red jersey again, and march through the streets of Vancouver, flags raised high, voices belting out our anthem, and smiles lighting our faces. But will it be the same as the Games? Only time will tell.

So there's an update of my life: I hope you've enjoyed.


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