The Wonders of Nature

How fortunate I feel to live in beautiful North Vancouver.

The other day, a friend and I went on a snowshoeing adventure up Mt. Seymour. The memories I have of snowshoeing are from way back, when I was a Girl Guide. All I can remember is my constant complaints about being bored, sore, tired, hungry, cold and thirsty. I have vivid memories of not having any fun. Needless to say, I wasn't a fan of snowshoeing, but considering how nice the day was, and the fact that we have a wonderful mountain practically right in our backyard, I thought I could give snowshoeing a second chance.

As soon as we entered the trails, I felt like I was in Wonderland. The trees were so great, and perfectly dusted with snow, and aside from the narrow trail, none of the powder had been touched. Looking almost like white rolling hills glistening in the sun.

So the original plan was to snowshoe a 2km loop (we didn't think we could manage the next biggest, a 7km). However, when we got to a fork in the path and were informed of a lookout over all of Vancouver, we quickly changed plans.

So up to the lookout we go. And it was a marvelous sight. It was a little foggy, but just clear enough to make out the silhouette of the amazing city.

North Vancouver is the perfect balance between city life, and the natural world!


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