Thoughts and Vibes

Please meet this beautiful and adorable family; the Purcells.

Sadie, Ryan, Trey, Deb and Avery.

September was a very successful "Once Upon A Cure" fundraiser, raising over $90 000 for Hunter Syndrome. October was a trip down to the University of North Carolina for this hopeful new IT trial. And now, since returning only a few days ago, Trey has already been through emergency surgery to remove his infected intrathecal port.

What a crazy few months it has been for the Purcells. As wonderful as all this treatment has been; no child at the age of 7 should have to be dealing with any health issue of this scale.

Of course this takes an enormous toll on the whole family. However, Deb and Ryan have been amazing throughout the journey... always staying strong, never giving up or losing hope.

For me, following this roller-coaster ride has made me so much more appreciative of the health I was granted. Yes, I have been suffering from a knee injury and I get the yearly flu, but I will never take for granted how lucky I am to have the health that I do.

Please keep the Purcells in your thoughts. They could use all the good vibes you have to send.


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