Bands for Berna

It's amazing what can be accomplished when a few passionate souls put their minds to it! Last night was the (MOB)ilizer's "Bands for Berna" fundraising event, raising money for our Adopt-a-Village project in Berna, India.

For several months, a small group of (MOB)ilizers dedicated much of their free time to coordinating local musicians, finding an appropriate venue, asking for donations, and advertising their hearts out. It may have been stressful, and we certainly learned a lot throughout; but as we cleaned up the last microphone and counted the last toonie of funds raised, the sense of pride felt was more rewarding than anything else.
It's almost hard to put into words how I feel when I'm with (MOB)ilizers. It's a different feeling than I get from being with my classmates, my sports teams or even my friends. I feel an overwhelming vibe of optimism, I see endless smiles and hear uncontrollable laughter. I engage in thoughtful conversation and share warm-hearted hugs. Sometimes we break into spontaneous sing-alongs or have spur-of-the-moment dance parties. The (MOB)ilizers come from all walks of life, whether you be a 4'9 Brazilian, or an elephant-loving bookworm; it seems like all MOBsters share one common passion. That may be a passion for abolishing local homelessness, or a passion for giving chilren in Kenya the opportunity to receive an elementary level education. Whatever your particular passion may be, on the larger scale every (MOB)ilizer just wants to see something different about our world, and have the motivation to fight for it.

We are the MOB.
We are the MASSES.
We are the MOVEMENT.

And so, after an incredible night of local talent and love that was "Bands for Berna", I left with that warm fuzzy feeling inside. I'm not sure where my MOB road is heading. I'm not sure if I'll be part of the (MOB)ilizers in Halifax next year. I'm not sure if I'll put on that blue and yellow shirt, or crowd pump at We Day. But, just per say, that really was my last ever MOB event... I will always remember that beautiful night and the indescribable feeling I felt afterwards. The (MOB)ilizers, I will hold close to my heart.

(MOB)ilizer Jeka Ayson sets the tone for the evening

Chris Yan and Eric Ma

The Vancouver office staff
Neil Legaspi on his flashy blue guitar
Raffle Prizes!
The Pizza Ladies
Marvelous Masters of Ceremonies

Anna and Ryan from Free the Children and Me to We inspiring the crowd

The Beautiful Jakki Mortlock

(MOB)ilizer Noah Gotfrit on Bass

41st Avenue Tearing Up The Stage
Coming all the way from Bown Island; The Worx
(MOB)ilizers on 3!

Organizer Extraordinaires Shevaun and Yuki



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