Today was a good day.

Just to check in; I am alive and well.

Today as I made my way to the library, I came across an outdoor, secondhand clothing sale on the fallen autumn leaves on the King's campus. Since it's already getting cold here and I can only pretend to be prepared for the winter ahead, I decided that another knitted cardigan couldn't hurt. It's black and white and I love it. And what's even cooler is that the tag on it read, "We are all kinfolk."

It's been a great day, all around. For my sustainability lecture today, we watched a documentary titled, "Peace Out", which examined issues related to alternative energy sources in the North Western Canadian wilderness. A large chunk of the film was filmed in Vancouver; Robson Square, the Olympic Cauldron, Lions Gate Bridge, the Harbour Centre, and even a scene of my backyard mountain, Mount Seymour. The film touched on the universal issues of the growing demand for energy and even compared humans' thirst for energy to the vicious cycle of a drug addiction. The film was thought-provoking and the cinematography was stunningly beautiful. Then, in our Skype discussion after the film with director Charles Wilkinson, he was quoted saying, "The economy should take a hit to our grandkids' future." Bold statement.

Today I turned down a potential summer job opportunity. And after hanging up the phone, I sighed a great sigh of relief. Although I know this job would have been a great experience, I also knew that I would not enjoy working 55-70 hours per week throughout the summer. I knew that this job would develop my managerial skills and would put me "ahead of my classmates", but I also know that I am young and I would like to live a little. There has been talk of a road trip through the Rocky Mountains this summer with Patrick. I have been dreaming of doing the West Coast Trail or the Juan de Fuca trail for ages now... maybe this summer is it? They were claiming I could make $16 000 this summer, but at this stage of my life, I would rather just live.

Today I enjoyed some fresh air and sunshine. Today I ate quinoa. Today was a good day.


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