Deer Solstice Deer

I have just returned from the most magical encounter with a pair of deer. As I walked alone down a dark residential street of Fairmont, I noticed two deer trotting beside me. Although I have no fear of the dark or of being alone, it was almost as if they were prancing alongside to reassure me that I am not alone. I couldn't believe my eyes, so I stopped moving my feet to ensure I wasn't dreaming. Sure enough the deer stopped too. We made eye contact for more than a brief second, until I psyched myself out and continued along the road. The deer continued with me, seeming almost like a "Follow the Leader" kind of thing, except I didn't have to explain to them any of the rules. I was so deeply enthralled by the connection I was sharing with these deer that I did not see the giant puddle approaching in my path. Before I could even react, my flip-flop bearing feet were no longer just cold, they were now wet and muddy too. As were the cuffs of my favourite pants. Life goes on, and if that's the worst tragedy that occurred in my day, than I'm in good shape. I then lost kinship with the deer. But no complaints here; thank you deer for guiding me home.

Happy Summer Solstice to one and all!

May the summer bring you extraordinary endeavours and endless joy.


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