Comfort food cannot compare to the comfort of family.

Rhythmically rocking back and forth in the lazy boy in my Grandparents den. Right now I am feeling more blessed than ever to be with family. 

Each time we get together I gain a greater and greater appreciation for the bond that we share. Not only the genetic relation, but more importantly that attachment that grows stronger with every moment spent together. The only people that you will consistently see- no matter how large or small the intervals- throughout your entire life, is family.

Comfort food cannot compare to the comfort of family.

Tonight I had the most comforting conversation with my Grandmother. She sat and listened as I spilt pieces of my heart out to her. And when appropriate she chimed in with wisdom from her years. Age difference, generation gap and all, the human heart still beats the same rhythm.

Typically I see my Grandparents once, or twice if I'm lucky, each year. This summer, I have seen both sets three precious times. There is nothing more I could have wished for this summer.

And tonight as I'm feeling grateful beyond words; in Grandma's bathroom I read the message from a daily quote book called, 'A Little Touch of Tenderness'.  September 2 from an unknown author, says, "The soul would have no rainbow had the eye no tear."

The rainbows were strikingly vivid as my friend Ali drove me through Kootenay National Park on the journey from my summer in the Columbia Valley to the next adventure of my life. Tonight, things could not be more perfect. 


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